speaking of David bowie, I hope David is warm and wonderful and doing swell…if anyone got a chance to see bowie play lately the shows have been incredible and awe-inspiring! so I send David wishes for a quick recovery from whatever is ailing him… I have just come off a month long summer break, and we are now back in the studio recording again with only about 60 or so days to go to finish…that is not a lot of time as the crow flies down so I’m in a big hurry now to get it done…on my vacation I did get a chance to go to Mexico, so if you saw someone who looked like me down there, it was me… I was the one in the Hawaiian shirt, khaki pants, and Birkenstocks…anyway, back to work, lots to do…oh, before I forget, my good mate and co-producer Mr. Bon Harris is debuting his new band in Chicago on Saturday July 17th…the band is called Maven (you can check out their website at www.mvn-ae.com) and they will have their first record coming out soon and all that, so check out bon’s band at the Metro…it’s an 18 and over show, 10$, and I’ll be there so come find me and say hello…what else? I’m in love…in love with life and all that is good and true…hokey, but honest and earnest…what happened to me? I used to be so grim…well, maybe the album will hold some sadness if you get sentimental…miss ya, love ya, see ya b c jr