Billy Corgan's Works List

Billy Corgan
* CATHERINE: Sparkle/Charmed (for Taylor)
* BIG HAT: Inamorata
* CATHERINE: Sleepy!
* MEDICINE: Sounds of Medicine – Stripped and Reformed Sounds
* STARCHILDREN: Songs about Girls/Delusions of Candor
* CATHERINE: Songs About Girls/It’s No Lie
* STARCHILDREN: A Means to an End: the Music of Joy Division
* The Guitars that Rule the World Volume 2: Smell the Fuzz
* Ransom: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
* THE FROGS: Starjob
* RIC OCASEK: Troublizing
* ENUFF Z’NUFF: Paraphernalia
* SHUDDER TO THINK: First Love, Last Rites
* HOLE: Celebrity Skin
* LENNY KRAVITZ: I Belong To You
* CHEAP TRICK: Music For Hangovers
* Stigmata: Music From the MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack