オフィシャルサイトのニュースによるとBilly CorganがWashington, D.C.で行われたショウの合間を縫ってWhite Houseを訪問したとのこと。今回の招待はブッシュ氏またはオバマ氏からの招待ではないが、2004年の詩集”Blinking With Fists”の出版記念サインツアー時以来の2度目の訪問となる。セキュリティの関係で写真を撮る事が出来なかったようですが、何人かの人がBillyと議論を交わしたがっていたようでなかなか楽しい訪問だったようです。

Billy Corgan invited to the White House while in D.C.
November 11, 2008 | 2848 views
The Smashing Pumpkins have had a short break in between their New Jersey show and their two-night performance in Washington, D.C. During this short hiatus in our nation’s capital, Billy Corgan was cordially invited to lunch at the White House.
This was not the first time Billy has gotten an invitation to visit the White House. He made a visit previously in 2004 during his “Blinking With Fists” tour.
Unfortunately, heightened security did not allow for any photos to document the visit, but Billy assures us it was “Just some people in the government who wanted to discuss some things with me in an informal way. Nothing bad, all positive.”
And no, it was not an invitation from President Bush or Obama.