A Happy New Year!

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2007年1月3日 17:00 2007 (from billy)
Dear Beautiful Souls,
Happy New Year to you! May 2007 prove to be a blessed year in every respect and every way…I send you every ounce of love I have in my heart…May the grace of Mother be with you…This year for us will see a new album of songs and a world tour of tears, and we truly look forward to playing again for fans young, old, and missed…So yes, tunes are being dusted off, while others are being asked to kindly submit to an upstart millennia and all it’s asking…In our daily prayers, we send out the signal that all who should hear us come forward and be seen, and by extension, heard…when we opened the lid on this music box, we were pleasantly suprised at the music that played: familiar yet unknown, welcoming but not sentimental…and that is all we can ask…God has absolutely blessed us in every respect…for many years there were private laments about opportunities missed and hearts so broken, but no more…we have turned the page and moved on, from places and faces, names and games…this age calls for resolve and certitude, and the fire within to burn ever bright…if that fire should be connected to absolutely deafening guitars, thundering drums, and the melodies of snakes, then so be it! We love you! If you are meant to be with us, find us!! We have need, and our arms are ever-open…although I can say definitively we don’t need jugglers…but we do need ???? (what?) what do we need!
With a smile and a wink,
billy corgan
6:17 AM