Blinking With Fists

blinking with fists
詩集 ” blinking with fists ” – 2004年出版


Blinking with Fists
*the poetry of my heart
*half-light, half-life
*in the wake of poseiden
*lost gray
*the sun of flowers
*li-lo, li-lo
*on the maypole
*a twixt the twine
*artifical love poem
*blinking with fists(and other caterpillar tales)
*the others
*the restless word
*lay me down
*cherry blossoms
*the follies of summer
*see saw swam
*imperial swan
*a wax seal
*a most cautious wit
*simple riddle rhymes
*a portrait of oblivion
*all roads
*siam mais
*wants of some desires
*the princess of apples
*a bunch of words
*bedroom jungle
*the song of the earth
*the box
*zen poem
*a rose i suppose
*years of grace
*dares for dreamtime
*clutching breath
*the river runs foul
*for the warmth of the morning
*the passions
*this heartache
*in the eyes beholding
*painting shade
*the poetry of oblivion
*i choose
2004 Faber & Faber
*洋書 ハードカバー: 96 p