Today is our 4th day (I’m counting), and we are still in the whatthef—amidoing phase. When I say we, I mean me and my co-pilot bjorn…bjorn has seen me thru some times. Falling apart on adore, trying to put the pieces together on machina, trying to get by on mary my star, so what will it be this time? Maybe he gets to listen to me just be…sounds easy, right? I can’t pay him enough pad thai to watch me struggle, though…the good news in this mild confusion is I am starting over from such a fresh perspective that there is nothing to rely on but my good name. I am being honest when I say I am ready for that and love the challenge and relish the mustard. So I come in with no songs but maybe one or 2, no lyrics, no band (but a few santa’s helpers lined up), and no dairy…food is the theme always. Wish me luck on! all this poetry please…for the religious, please pray because I need some help to step up and take these words (over there in the dust pile) to another level beyond rhyming ‘insane’ and ‘brain’. I pray everyday for good things to happen everywhere to all people. Maybe out there somewhere some good cheer can echo back…and help me get this done…then, just maybe, I can write some new jams 🙂 happy monday b